Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Land of Frozen Boogers!

Once apon a time...In a land of cold and frozen boogers...there lived a poor college student, who worked and played. Roomates wonder where she is? Friends wonder when she will call back? Family thinks she has diserted them. But of course this is not true.
She wears a green vest at the cirrculation desk. Where she sits and talks and answers questions about...I-Cards...Book Check Outs/Ins...and when she doesn't know the red vests will. She meets cute men to practice her flirting. After much practice the men come back...and you get the picture.
After work she is still there at the library. Working on homework that takes up many hours, but of course it's worth it. Sometimes there's breaks when she sleeps, eats, or wines--or is passing the time on facebook (what a time swipper!) to chat with friends.
She misses that 10 degree difference in weather. She misses staying up in wee hours of the morning talking to roomates. She misses Brianna and her embarrising moment with Vinny. She misses everyone! And Wants to Say I LOVE YOU ALL!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I-Team Leader!

I really wish I had a picture to show you of how much fun I had this weekend. When I get the pictures I will make sure to post them. This weekend I went on a retreat to learn how to become an I-Team leader for BYUI and it was one of the most spiritual uplifting experiences I have had for quite some time. In case you don't know what an I-Team leader does well I will tell you...we divide all the incoming freshmen into I-Teams and we as leaders show them around campus, answer their questions, and become their friend. It is a great opportunity for all freshmen to make friends, so they can enjoy their college experience.
I am so excited for the winter semester and to meet all the new freshmen! I hope that they really can have a great experience with this. This retreat has really shown me how much of an effect I can have on someone else. It makes me so excited to be able to serve these freshmen and have tons of fun.
YELLOW #3 (the funnest group)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Come What May and Love It!

Have you ever wondered why in the world bad things happen all at the same time? I wonder that quite often. It was a rather interesting last week--intesting is an understatement. It all started after Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving was a really nice day...I felt I had a lot to be grateful for--Star Wars movies, turkey, mashed potatoes, family, etc. you get the jist of it.
The next day I was sarcastically grateful for my computer not reading my hard drive--after writing a six page essay. I was practically done and it was due in a couple of days! That wasn't the only thing that happened; the car I borrowed from Ryan and Kara got ran into by a certain family member driving our durango, then of course there is more, but I will not bore you with sad stories. I look back at those sad days and think--what can I laugh about--it is always fasinating what good things you can find in a bad day. Such as brand spankin knew pants, spending time with my family and their little weird perks and of course leftovers...or should I say dessert leftovers (YUM!).
I love trying to find the good in days that are bad...what can I say that is what optomistic people do. Come what may and love it know matter how hard our trials might be. With every bad things that come...look forward to the good things that follow and learn from your experiences.
Well that would be my insight for the day.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Strange Days!

Have you ever had one of those days you just felt like being weird!? Well, I have those days all the time lol. It's fun to get the camera out and make strange and funny faces. It's even more fun to get your best friend and sister involved :), they are probably going to get mad at me for posting this pic but oh well they can deal with it! lol! Love you guys!!!
Just have fun with everything you do! It helps keeps life fun and exciting!!!! It's true.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Monday, November 19, 2007

Gods Creation

I had this idea for a pictured. Its a little different then my other drawings and paintings, but I really like it a lot. It reminds me a lot about the good things in this world and what God has created for all of us. I used bright colors to help show that life doesn't have to be misrable even through dark times (trials) it is still possible to see the light if you are truly looking for it!

How Did I Get Blessed With GREAT Roomates!

This is my Rexburg family. It is amazing how well we get along. All of us have our very own unique personality.
Stacia...who just happens to be the oldest and my cousin...she is the best and that is putting it lightly. I love talking to Stacia about business and we even have deep gospal discussions or discussions about random things. She keeps me thinking and is very inspiring. I am so happy for her she is graduating this semester and moving on with the rest of her life--what a thrill--This was the only chance I had to be her roomate...It is so great to get to know who she is. I am very excited for her and her holds great possiblities for her and I can't wait to see what she does.
Meghan...Is absolutly beautiful and smart. Everytime I see her making food it isn't just the normal college food (Roman, Mac & Cheese, or sandwiches) it is actual food! I think of her as the cook in the family. Sometimes she leaves her food out though and doesn't put it in the fridge and I tell her to "put it away" what can I say then--sorry meghan if I ever offend is never intentional :) Love you Megs.
Stephanie...What a hoot and a major flirt! Careful boys here comes Steph she might just take your breath away (Seriously). She is a very independent happy person. She would rather do things herself then have a billion people help her. That is what makes her strong, but honey you just need to let me know when you need things--don't keep me guessing I am not any good at it. She just seems to always be moving forward...oh yea and ps here is a little difference between me and her--I like homade salsa and she would rather eat the store bought...ewww. haha
Brianna...What do we say about Brianna..."I will cut you" Bri I will cut you before you will ever cut me jk. I love Brianna she keeps it real. Very blunt, sarcastic person you can't say that about many people. She is a ton of fun to hang out with and laugh with. She can tell you everything you need to know about the superhero world or even the startrack world. What else can you say about a girl who knows and remembers everything. If Brianna weren't alive this world would just not be the same!!! What a great person to put on film...beautiful and funny! Two things that men love...
Then last but of course not least is the AMAZING Ashley...she may be just a tad bit on the short side, but she has spunk. I love just sitting on the couch until wee hours of the morning and chatting with her sweet face. We surely talk about practically anything interesting and not interesting. What can I say we are girls who like to talk and giggle. I sometimes wonder if she will ever need to get surgery on her thombs because of the number of times she texts during the day. If I had texting I would probably text her too just so I can be like everyone else and say "Yea, of course I text Ash who doesn't?!" Ashley knows everyone...she is very good with the dating game as well. She gets RMs to buy her skittles for crying out loud. If a nice man bought me a bag of trail mix--well if you are a man you will just have to find out.
Well, ladys and gents those are my roomates and what fine roomates they are. I just hope next semesters roomates are just as good....I don't think they could get any better.